Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dream lists for millionaires

My husband and I share a Kindle. We bought the Kindle because the NY Times Kindle subscription was so much cheaper than the paper delivery that it paid for itself in a couple of months. Reading the paper on a Kindle takes some getting used to, but after a while, we adjusted and now it’s more or less okay. And it’s better for the environment. The only thing is when we both want to read the paper. This morning, I got up early and read for a half hour, then I passed the Kindle over to my husband and went upstairs to paint. Later, I posted a comment about this on Amazon’s Kindle FB page, and everyone said, “You need two Kindles.” Actually, one person said that sharing was good for the soul, but then she later backtracked and said I should buy a second one. The thing is, I’ve been saying the same thing to my husband, almost since we got the Kindle. But here’s why we haven’t done that:

We have a great life. We live better than most people in the world. We never worry about buying food, paying our bills, or putting gas in the car. We never stress about paying for a doctor’s visit when one of our kids is sick. We are very blessed. Part of why we don’t have money worries is because we make livable wages, but we also live within our means. We try not to spend money just because it’s there. Our grandparents lived that way – they didn’t spend money just because they could. They saved. And we do, too. So, instead of buying a second Kindle, we share. Sharing IS good for the soul.

However, so as not to end on too much of a pious note, I do dream about what I would do if I ever won the lottery or made millions in another way. I think that everyone should keep a list of what they would do if they struck it rich. We all need a game plan so that we don’t just end up with McDonalds mansions and cars.

What I would do if I was a millionaire

1. Start five medical school scholarships for Haitians who want to stay in Haiti. (I’m a big fan of Partners in Health and the work they do in Haiti, and they inspired me on this one.)

2. Start a toy company in a rust belt state. (I worry about the safety of my kids’ toys. I hate that our country’s industry has all gone to China. I want to support American workers and I want toys that are safe. I would prefer my kids to have less toys that cost more, and which I knew were safe. Even if it didn’t make a profit, I’d be happy to subsidize it.)

3. Have my clothes custom-made by a local seamstress. What can I say, I want clothes that fit me. And that way, I support my local economy.

4. Hire a private yoga instructor come to the house three days a week

5. Quit my job, eventually. Once I was sure my head was screwed on straight.

This list is always in flux. I revise it as I think of new things. I advise everyone to have a list like this. A list of dreams. A life of dreaming.

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  1. Ok.... Just finished your book. I have to say thank you ... 3 weeks ago I programmed NPR on my radio, and I just turned 37. You guessed it, Im single. I srarted a blog here after reading oddly enough "1001 nights" I thought the same thing... If she could tell her story so could I. I decided becomming a published author would definately feel like I was living the dream!
    Couldnt put it down!